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In Case You Missed It: "Paradigm Shift in Lyme Disease Testing"

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Learn about the importance of early Lyme disease detection and the how a paradigm shift in testing can make a real difference to patients. 

Daniel Zweitzig, PhD., Vice President of Research & Development at ZEUS Scientific reviews the history of Lyme disease and chronicles ZEUS’s 33-year journey of pioneering new Lyme disease diagnostics from the first FDA-cleared Lyme Serology product to the first FDA-cleared Borrelia Modified Two-Tiered Testing (MTTT™) algorithm.  He outlines several publications and activities that pointed ZEUS in the direction to validate a replacement of the Standard Two-Tiered Testing (STTT) algorithm.  This STTT algorithm has documented shortcomings and has been the recommended Lyme disease serology algorithm for more than 25 years.  Until now.


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ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ Advantages

The all-ELISA algorithm is the simple, sensitive, and specific alternative that is changing the game in Lyme disease testing.

  • Reduces the number of missed clinically positive patient samples, especially in early Lyme disease (stages 1 and 2) 
  • Removes the burden of Western blots and subjectivity of reading and interpreting immunoblots   
  • Enables simple and flexible first-tier and second-tier testing in-house 
  • Improves overall lab workflow and cost efficiencies, eliminating send-outs 
  • Improves turnaround time  

If you are still running Lyme disease immunoblots in your laboratory, take a look at the clinical data to see how ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ improves detection in early Lyme disease.

ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™

Learn more about Lyme disease and ZEUS’s Borrelia Modified Two-Tiered Testing (MTTT™) algorithm.

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